Christmas Compare and Contrast

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SWABT: choose a country to compare and contrast American Christmas with. Note: if you have students who don't celebrate Christmas, there are passages included.

Big Idea

Around Winter Break, my Response to Intervention students get a little antsy. They seem to enjoy learning about different cultures, though!


25 minutes

It is almost winter break and it is nearly impossible to keep my students focused on reading.  So I created this lesson...

This site and this site are good for giving straight-forward texts about the various celebrations of Christmas around the world.

For my lesson, though I use articles about Christmas in Italy and Christmas in Australia

For students who have a really tough time with comprehension, I have them choose one of the articles and we read it as a small group. As I'm reading, I'm also thinking aloud about how what we know about Christmas and its traditions are alike or different than the text we are reading:


When we are finished, we fill out the Compare and Contrast Chart, or I may have the students do a simple Venn Diagram. Regardless of the format, it's important that students realize that we have some of the same traditions, yet we have different traditions--sometimes out of necessity.