Creating a Summer Review Packet (Day 2)

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Students will be able to draw from their math knowledge gained in third grade to create a summer review packet for their peers

Big Idea

Students that can write their own story problems, and create math situations that require thought and perseverance to solve, are students that understand. This engaging activity reviews all of the third grade concepts and creates a review packet as well!

Warm Up

5 minutes

As a warm up, I ask the teams to report out what they accomplished in yesterday's session, Creating a Summer Review Packet (Day 1) to the class.  I chose to do this as a warm up because it immediately sets a plan for completion for today's lesson.

I also ask the students if they have any questions, or if they are stuck on something another group might be able to help with. If so, I assign an "expert" to visit that team once work begins to offer support or suggestions. 

Active Engagement

30 minutes

As the students work to complete their workbook sections, I circulate and prompt thinking, ask for explanations, and enforce quality control.  I remind the teams that there should be an answer section with strategies suggested for the solver. 

I also move in to help students that struggle or need assistance with how to present a situation mathematically.  This is the hardest part for the students, just as it is for us!  Creating worthy questions to elicit thinking involves a great deal of understanding and creativity. 

Below you will view a snapshot of the work my students did.  In the end, we had a book of over 70 questions and strategy models. 

Closing and Sharing

10 minutes

As a fun closing, the students traded their "workbook" pages with other teams and worked to see how much they could get done correctly in 10 minutes on white boards.

Not only was this fun, it was an excellent way to proofread each other's work and help teams revise and refine.