Wolves: Nuisances or Necessities?

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SWBAT: understand there are may be multiple Points of View in an informational text.

Big Idea

In this reading lesson, students locate two points of view from an article about wolves.


5 minutes

These videos are actually from my lesson "Black Blizzard: Cause and Effect," but I used the same format for this lesson. I choose 4 words from the text that I anticipate they will struggle with and I give them the definitions, have them talk about them, and then use a visual representation.


25 minutes

For this lesson, I read the article Return of the Wolves aloud and students were asked to annotate for understanding as I read. Next, they filled out the Graphic Organizer that compares and contrasts the two Points of View about the wolves. The first Point of View is for the Ranchers and Farmers, who think the wolves should be hunted because they kill livestock. The second Point of View is the Activists, who argue that wolves are an important part of the food chain.

About the Graphic Organizer:


Here I am asking my students questions about the article: