Choice Informational Text Reading

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SWBAT: choose an informational text at their comfort level, and successfully comprehend it.

Big Idea

Using, students choose their own articles and set their own Lexile levels!


25 minutes

I am usually reading a novel out loud to my Response to Intervention class. During this time, I want to give them the opportunity to explore texts on their own. Because these are disengaged readers and students who aren't willingly going to pick up the latest YA book, I realized that I needed to create choice reading opportunities for them.

Enter Newsela. This site offers News and Feature-style articles, while allowing students or teachers to find an appropriate Lexile.

There are days I allow my students to choose articles on Newsela, and times where I can "assign" them articles on the site.

During this time, I carry my own iPad or laptop around and watch as the data rolls in. I'm conferring with individual students, but I'm getting data about what they are reading, how long it is taking them to read, and what kinds of questions they are missing or getting correct.