Poetry: Revising and editing

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SWBAT revise and edit their poetry drafts.

Big Idea

Continuing the study of poetry with a focus on revising and editing


At the beginning of the unit, I give students a rough draft booklet, which contains a page for each type of poetry, along with its definition, and space to practice their own examples. I will ask them to have this booklet with them for each lesson.


10 minutes

Since students have been working on poetry for a couple of weeks, I remind them that they’ve completed many different types of poems in their poetry draft books. I say, “Today, you will revise and edit your poems so that it will be ready to put into final draft form. I discuss with the students the things that are expected of them in their writing, like capital letters at the beginning of each line. We review spelling strategies and I encourage them to have many tier two (fancy schmancy) words woven into their poetry. We also discuss re-reading their writing several times to see if they should change, add, or delete anything to make their writing more clear and interesting. Now that they’ve reviewed our writing expectations, their job is to revise and edit each poem in their rough draft booklet. 

Guided Practice

45 minutes

Transition Time: Every day after the mini-lesson, students get 5 minutes of Prep Time to gather materials, find a comfy spot, use the bathroom, and anything else they might need to do to prepare for 40 minutes of uninterrupted Independent Writing.  


Guided Practice: Today, I would be conferencing with students right at their comfy spots and asking them to show me their poems. I will help them identify areas to revise and edit to enhance their poetry.



5 minutes

At the end of 40 minutes, I remind students that their job during reading time was to revise and edit their poems. Once students gather at the carpet with their assignment, we share some of the most common things they needed to fix up. I then tell them that we will continue our poetry work tomorrow.