Final Draft

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SWBAT determine when a draft is final

Big Idea

When is a draft final and ready to be submitted for grading?


This lesson is the last in a series of lessons on persuasive writing.  In this lesson students turn in a final draft after performing a final proofreading check and using the sample paper at Purdue O.W.L. to check formatting.  A video on formatting an APA paper in Google docs helps them make adjustments with the Google docs features. 

Using an Editing and Proofing Checklist

10 minutes

I start class by handing this editing and proofing checklist out to students as they walk through the door. I ask them to go through their paper one more time to check spelling and grammar before we spend an extensive amount of time going through the Purdue O.W.L. website checking formatting. 

This is a fairly quick checklist, but it gets students reading their paper one more time, and quite often they find little errors they've missed before. 


Purdue O.W.L.

15 minutes

We spent an extensive amount of time at the Purdue O.W.L. website when students started drafting. Now we spend time looking at the sample APA paper. I encourage students to pull their paper up on their classroom Chromebooks and make editing changes as we walk through the sample paper.  

Students have lots of questions, and I let them work at their own pace, moving on only when everyone understands what they need to do. 

Some of the students request printed paper copies which I handout in limited numbers and encourage them to move around the room and share with one another. 

I know how important it is to go slow at this point so students can check and compare their paper with the sample paper. 

Formatting an APA Paper in Google Docs

10 minutes

Finally, we watch this video to understand some of the more technical aspects of formatting specific to Google Documents:



I pause the video and replay certain parts so students can take notes and record any changes they need to make. 

The biggest issue we encounter is the difference between the running head on the title page and the running head in the rest of the paper.  Students had been struggling with this, and the instructor in the video does a nice job of handling it, namely, make the running head the same throughout as Google docs doesn't offer a different first page feature. 

Example Final Draft

The following is a solid example of the type of paper the majority of the students handed in.  Most papers ended up somewhere between 3-5 pages in length, with the title page, abstract and reference pages adding to the length.