Organizing and Drafting

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SWBAT use organizational strategies to write a rough draft

Big Idea

What is the best way to organize a persuasive argument?


This lesson is part of a unit on persuasive writing and argumentation.  In this lesson students organize the research material they have into a formal persuasive argument.  The main objective of the lesson is to teach students formal argumentative structure and organization. 

Using an Outline to Organize

40 minutes

I give students a copy of an "Argumentative Paper Format" from the University of Washington.  Students and I both like the form because it spells out paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence what exactly needs to be present in a basic argumentative paper. For novice students they can keep this outline guide close to know what to write next in their paper. For more advanced students they can better plan and outline their papers, keeping to an organizational structure and making necessary adjustments as they write. 

The basic outline on the last page is a good way for novice students to get started writing an outline.  They can always add more on to the outline as they get organized.  I encourage more experienced students to write their outline in a Google document and to start pasting links to websites and resources they plan to use.