Textbook Road Map

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SWBAT: identify and use textbook features.

Big Idea

Tired of kids asking "What page is that on?," this lesson teaches them to be self-sufficient about navigating a textbook.


30 minutes

This is one of those lessons that was created out of necessity. My students needed a lot of support navigating through a textbook and, to be quite honest, I was frustrated when they kept asking me questions they were completely capable of answering themselves.

They just needed some support.

I created this Textbook Features PowerPoint. My district uses SpringBoard, a worktext created by CollegeBoard. It's pretty specific to our book, but it can certainly be modified to fit any text.

During this lesson, students should have the textbook in front of them and are flipping through it as I walk them through the PowerPoint lesson.

I've considered having struggling students, or even all of my students, take notes on a printed out version of the slides, but I also kind of feel that they could take notes just as easily in the book itself--maybe using sticky notes if you can't write in the book.


25 minutes

I was one of those students who couldn't wait to get her textbooks at the beginning of the school year. As soon as my teachers began passing them out, I was flipping through, looking at the pictures, and reading parts that interested me.

Okay, so I was a bit of a nerd, but I wanted to bring this same excitement to my students. There are some really great stories in our book (and some doozies), but I wanted them to get the chance to evaluate this for themselves.

To this end, I created the Textbook Scavenger Hunt. It puts into practice the skills I taught in the first half of the lesson, while allowing them to make connections and form their own opinions. By asking what they already have Background Knowledge about, I'm also very globally assessing the class.