Blogging Re: The Final Posts, Activities for the Final Days

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SWBAT post a blog entry, offering advice to younger students, especially those coming into Adv. Comp. for the following academic year ...

Big Idea

... blogging is a ubiquitous form of academic, professional, and personal expression ...

Introduction and Context

10 minutes

[This lesson could be the 8th lesson in this "mini-unit" or it could be a standalone activity.  For purposes of posting my curriculum here ( I felt it made the most sense to add this single-standing activity/lesson to the unit in which it resides.]

For this lesson (which is essentially just a period of "guided practice" as students write), I ask students to reflect upon the many days of their almost completed senior year and post their personal advice to underclassmen -- jrs. specifically -- coming in to Adv. Comp. next year.  I mention that they have a "real" audience in that I am currently teacher English 3 to jrs. who I will ask to browse these postings during computer lab time this week.

After a few moments of quiet reflection, I ask them to respond to a prompt (see the following section) ...

Guided Practice: Blogging Time!

35 minutes

Here's the "prompt" for the "My Advice to Underclassmen" blog entry:

Here on the eve of graduation, what advice can you offer to rising seniors?  How should these students -- but one grade-level behind -- approach next year?  What is crucial about a good senior year?  How should they “pace” their busy senior school-year (aka. college applications, AP exams, homework, work-work, sports/activities)? What is something that you did this year that you are really proud of that might help a jr. to become a sr.?  What is something you regret and would not/ should not do again?

As students work on this "prompt" -- posting to their blogs -- I walk around the lab and offer whatever help I can.