Making Connections Between Art Project and Dilations Day 2 of 3

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SWBAT make clear connections between the perspective art project and dilations on the coordinate plane from a center point of dilation.

Big Idea

This lesson will really help your students connect the dots between the perspective art project and the math of performing dilations on the coordinate plane using similar triangles.

Introducing the Lesson

10 minutes

I opened the lesson by re-examining the learning goals listed at the start of the activity.  I let them know that today would really clearly explain how the perspective art project was actually helping them to understand dilations on the coordinate plane.  I wanted them to look forward to the activity and know that they should be looking for connections that will enhance their written reflection piece of the project.  Then I read all the student conjectures about how the project relates to dilations on the coordinate plane recorded the day before on a poster. I opened the floor for new conjectures (hypothesis) about how the mechanics of the project are related to the mechanics of performing a dilation on the coordinate plane.  Then we all agreed on the goals for the day and moved into completing graph two today.