Myth Madness: Using Technology to Share Favorite Myths (Day 4)

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SWBAT use technology to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will continue to create a Google Drive Presentation and will focus on the editing and revision component of their work through the “Comment” feature in Google Drive.

Enroll Students Into Learning

5 minutes

Today, my students start out at their seats and we discuss how we started our Google Drive Presentations three days ago on our favorite Greek myths.  I ask the students if they have any questions about their work from yesterday.  So far there are no questions, so it’s time to get into the next advanced feature we’ll work with today.

Experience Learning

5 minutes

Today we will continue our work in the computer lab, so if the students are not finished entering their text, that will be their first task.  Also, if students have not yet changed their background or text or if they have not yet inserted images, they’ll be able to do that today as well.  In addition however, the new feature we’ll work on today is editing and revising using the “Comment” feature in Google Drive.  I begin again today by having a student guide me through the process of getting into Google Drive and finding and reopening our work that was started yesterday. 

Once here though, I begin to show students the “Comment” feature.  The night before today’s lesson, I went through each and every student's presentation.  I looked at every slide they’ve worked on up to this point, and I’ve made comments where needed to give them helpful editing or revising tips.

When I explain this feature to the students, they are VERY surprised that I’m able to make comments on their work.  They are all very excited to get to the lab to see what I’ve written to each of them.  But, before we head down, I want to show the students that there can be more than one comment on a slide, or on multiple slides.  I also show students how they can write back to the comment as well.  

Label New Learning

5 minutes

Now that we have walked through the process of getting into and working with the “Comment” feature, I tell the students that it’s time to get working!  Today, the students have quite a bit of options open to them, including: focusing on finishing any text, changing the background or theme if they have not already, changing the text font, size, an color if they have not already, inserting images into our presentation today, and editing and revising based on the “Comments”.  In our school, we have access to a device for all of our students by visiting our school computer lab.  At this point, I remind students to make sure they have their graphic organizer templates and then we line up to head to the computer lab.

Demonstrate Skills

10 minutes

Once in the computer lab, students get logged in and get started on their work.   After logging in, the students are really in charge of their work.  They work slide by slide and add their information and opinions, change the background or theme, change the text font, size, and color, inserting images, and editing and revising as needed.  Students are also very excited to be able to “write me back”! As the students work, I circulate and really just check in on students making sure they’re working okay and offering assistance as needed.  


5 minutes

At the end of our time together today, I confirm for the students that even though we’re out of time today, we’ll come back tomorrow and have a bit more time to add some finishing touches to our presentations.  Then, we’ll be ready to share our presentations with our class!