Myth Madness: Using Technology to Share Favorite Myths (Day 1)

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SWBAT use technology to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will begin to create a Google Drive Presentation utilizing their graphic organizer template completed in the previous day’s lesson.

Enroll Students Into Learning

5 minutes

Today, my students start out at their seats.  I remind the students how much we’ve learned about Greek mythology in the last week or so, referring to our anchor charts.  We’ve learned about the three reasons Ancient Greeks told these myths, we’ve read seven different myths, and we’ve learned a lot about the Greek gods and goddesses and allusions as well!  Now we’ve even selected our favorites.  Just for fun, I ask the students to share a few of their favorites with our class again today!  

Experience Learning

5 minutes

Of course students have their hands shoot up all around, so I call on a few students to share their favorite with us today.  But now that we have an idea of what each of our favorites are, it’s time to start working on creating a piece of writing using technology that will allow us to share and collaborate with others on our writing.  In order to do this, we’ll be creating a Google Drive Presentation.

My students have used Google Drive frequently throughout the year, so I ask the students to guide me through the process we use in our school district to get into Google Drive, as well as set up a new Google Drive Presentation.  I call on a students who walks me through the steps, and as the student walks through the steps, I demonstrate them on the SmartBoard for students to see.  Again, we’ve used this quite a bit, but I feel like repeated modeling is never a bad thing! Here are the steps we take:

-Log into Google Drive

-Click the "Create" button

-Choose a "Presentation"

-Add slides using the "+" button

-Share your work with Mrs. Hesemann by clicking the "Share" button

Label New Learning

5 minutes

Now that we have walked through the process of getting into and creating a Google Drive Presentation, I tell the students that it’s time to get working!  Today, we’ll focus just on adding the text, or doing the writing, in our presentation today (adjustment to backgrounds, fonts, colors, etc. will come in the coming days).  In our school, we have access to a device for all of our students by visiting our school computer lab.  At this point, I remind students to make sure they have their graphic organizer templates and then we line up to head to the computer lab.

Demonstrate Skills

10 minutes

Once in the computer lab, students get logged in and get started on their work.  I do remind students to share their presentation with me through the Google Drive share feature.   After that however, the students are really in charge of their work.  They work slide by slide and add their information and opinions.   As the students work, I circulate and really just check in on students making sure they’re working okay and offering assistance as needed.  


5 minutes

At the end of our time together today, it’s clear that students will need additional time to continue working, so I confirm for the students that even though we’re out of time today, we’ll come back tomorrow and work some more on our presentations.  Before the closing of our lesson however, I do ask the students if there were any tricky parts today, or anything they have questions about that I can clarify for tomorrow.   As of right now, the students do not have any questions or concerns about using Google Drive Presentation, so we’ll wrap up for today!  We’ll continue our important work tomorrow!