Writing an Opinion - Publishing

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SWBAT publish an opinion piece by typing and presenting the final copy using a checklist.

Big Idea

Students use a word processing program in the final stage of the writing process.


20 minutes

I started the lesson by explaining the publishing stage as the last stage of the writing process. (I referred students to the writing process on the Writing Wall.) At this stage, you write and present your final copy of the writing piece. I displayed my final copy of my opinion piece on the document camera. I pointed out that I had corrected all mistakes, typed my piece, and added a corresponding image. I noted it was clean and neat; it was my best work.

I took students to the computer lab to type their final copy. Before they got started, I showed them how to center and bold the title. I wrote the steps on the whiteboard for future reference. 

Independent Practice

60 minutes

I use Google Docs to manage student work. Students are familiar with the program. They logged into the class’ common account, clicked on their folder, and created a new document. They named the new document and began to type. I walked around the room and offered assistance as needed.


10 minutes

Students were evaluated using a checklist. I reviewed the checklist with students before they started typing. Each student received a copy. The checklist allowed students to evaluate their work against a given set of criteria. It also took the guess work out of what is expected of them. They viewed my exemplar and had a ‘recipe’ of sorts to follow.