Embedded Assessment: Revision

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SWBAT: use revision techniques and strategies to deeply revise a piece of writing from the year.

Big Idea

In this culminating activity, students RE-SEE a piece of writing and reflect on it.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

Using a worktext isn't always perfect. Oftentimes, I notice flaws and have to alter my teaching to make up for them. This Guiding Question is a response to the fact that the SpringBoard work text, in its revision unit, didn't address global revision. I really enjoyed the activities and strategies the text gave us, but I felt that students needed more than these local revision techniques, and editing strategies. 

We spend time earlier in the year grappling with the idea of revision. It means to literally "see again." This is a tough concept for 6th graders, but by having them create a detailed plan for their revision, by pointing out the specific areas of revision, and by reflecting on the revisions, they are more likely to have drastic changes.


50 minutes

The Revision Embedded Assessment has three main parts. The first is that students create a Revision Plan that tells me why they chose the piece to revise, and specific plans for revision.

The next part of the assignment asks that they students revise. Check out my reflection for this because I forgot to include something important, and it could have made all the difference.

Lastly, the students are asked to write a reflection about what they revised, why, and how it impacted their piece.