End of Year Assessment Review Day 4 of 4

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SWBAT prepare for the final assessment.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students practice questions involving concepts from the units on circles, the third dimension, and modeling.

Do Now

7 minutes

As students walk into the class, they are handed a slip of paper. They are instructed to match the first part of the theorem with the second part. These theorems help students answer questions involving circles during the activity. 


When we go over the do now, I have the students draw pictures demonstrating the theorems in their notebooks. This helps them make sense of the theorems and helps them apply the theorems to questions.


23 minutes

Before the final assessment, we have several days of review. It is important to review content before the assessment to help students identify skills they still need to practice. In this lesson, students practice questions (MP1, MP2, MP4) involving concepts from the unit on circles, the third dimension and geometric modeling


Students work independently on the questions. They use their notebooks for reference and if they have further questions, they ask students at their tables for help. The tables are groups with students of mixed abilities. Some students are strong in certain areas while other students are strong in different areas. They use their strengths to help each other answer questions they may have.


As the students work, I circulate around the room and address any misconceptions students still may have about circles, three-dimensional geometry and geometric modeling. Towards the end of the activity section, I assign each student a specific question to give his or her answer to when we go over the sheet. Each student presents the question to the class on the document camera.


15 minutes

At the end of the lesson, we go over each question from the review sheet. Students present their answers to the class. While each student is presenting, the other students check their work and make corrections. It is the responsibility of the other students to verify the information being presented by their peers. Taking ownership of the lessons increases student engagement and comprehension.


After the presentations I answer any additional questions students may have about any concepts that will be on the final assessment.