End of Year Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of the concepts learned in the course.

Big Idea

This is a comprehensive assessment of all content learned to date.


90 minutes

Several times throughout the year, my students take interim assessment. These assessments cover material from each unit to date. 


This assessment contains 38 questions, 28 multiple choice, 6 short answer questions worth 2 points each, 3 questions worth 4 points each, and 1 question worth 6 points. I grade the exam on using a scale depending on how the students do. It should take the students approximately 90 minutes. Students need a compass and straight edge for the constructions.


Interim assessments help teachers gather information about what their students know and can be used to inform teaching. If I notice many students difficulty with specific topics even after the assessment, I build in extra practice into future lessons.


In my school, we have time set aside for Interim Assessments; however, this assessment can be split into two lessons. I usually average the students' grades on the assessment into their semester grade, but it can also be used strictly as a formative assessment to show student progress.