Memoir: Evaluating personal narrative as a record of the past (2 of 2)

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SWBAT cite strong text evidence to support analysis of a short memoir by answering text dependent questions.

Big Idea

The term "text dependent" should help students realize their answers must use the text.

Warm Up

5 minutes

During yesterday's lesson,  students read and annotated Alice Walker's Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self. Today, students will be answering text dependent questions based on the text.  

To get students warmed up, I am going to ask them to complete a Literary 3 x 3.  I learned this strategy during an Advanced Placement training years ago.   It is a great strategy to develop conceptual thinking of thematic elements in the text (RL.9-10.1, W.9-10.10).  This video literary 3x3 explanation explains the 3x3.  


Mini Lesson

10 minutes

Today students are answering text dependent questions.  For the mini lesson, we will answer one together.  I give students the question:

What do the people in the church mean when they say, "That little girl's a mess"?

I go back to the text and read the section where the people say this.  I ask them if they literally mean she is messy.  They will say no.  Next, I will ask them how they know that.  That will lead us back into the text to look for proof that they are calling her a mess as a term of endearment.  

I want students to understand that text dependent questions require them to go back to the text and use evidence in their answers (W.9-10.9) (RL.9-10.1).  

Student Work Time

25 minutes

During this time, I distribute the other text dependent questions and ask students to answer them on their own paper using evidence from the text in their analysis (w.9-10.9). 

1. Describe how the narrator changes throughout the story? (RL.9-10.3)

2. Which sentence is repeated in the narrative and why is it repeated? (Rl.9-10.4)

3. Explain how the narrative is organized and why did Alice Walker choose to organize it in this way? (RL.9-10.5)

4. What is the conflict of the narrative? (RL.9-10.2)

5. Read the last paragraph.  What sentence states the main idea of that paragraph? (RL.9-10.2)

As students work through the text and answer these questions, I read over their shoulders to assure they are using textual support. 


As class is ending, students will turn in their assignments.