Creating the Exam, Days 1-3

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SWBAT present information in a clear, concise manner by creating a portfolio presentation of their growth in the class.

Big Idea

Tell me what you learned--a presentation of growth.

Do Now: Set Goals

5 minutes

To start each of our three work days on the end-of-course exam, I ask students to set a goal for the day--what needs to be done?

Some goals include:

  • Complete my commentaries.
  • Film with [partner].
  • Get peer revision.

Goals help students stay on track for completing the final exam.

The Exam

120 minutes

Since we have already discussed the requirements of the exam (a clear, concise presentation of growth with thorough support) and practiced both outlining portions of the exam and presenting with poise, students are ready to dive back into preparation.

Students work on their exams in class for three days (though it is expected they will work outside class, too), preparing notes, practicing, filming and seeking feedback from peers. I clarify questions and give feedback on student work which is shared with me.

To manage students, I have them sign out on the board if they leave the room to film, and I periodically walk around the halls to check on them (feasible given that we are a small school--I'm never far from my room).

The final products are a mix of positives and negatives; most students have quality poise (eye contact, volume, and articulation), but content is sometimes lacking. Some, though, have met the target (and examples provided in class); check out this student example:

While not perfect (this student could be more formal in appearance, for example), this student does a nice job of introducing how he grew and then, best of all, SHOWING specific examples of his work and telling us how it shows growth. I like how he reads excerpts from his work and points to draw our attention to the examples.