Final Exam: Selected Response and Open Response Analysis and Writing

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SWBAT display hard-earned semester long knowledge as they answer questions in both selected response and open response formats.

Big Idea

Time to show up and show off!

Introduction to Final Exams

Thank you for joining me this year!


The Exam. Although there has been much attention to formative assessment in recent years, finding out  where students have landed at the end of a given term is still of some value.   Our district uses a 90-minute final exam format, and the students have just completed a final project that is not part of the final exam per se but that contains summative elements focusing on higher level reading (RL.9-10.7--representation), and writing (W.9-10.3--narrative techniques).  

This selected response portion of the final will focus on the students ability to sort through Shakespearean figurative language (L.9-10.5) as well as identify grammar choices (L.9-10.1), vocabulary definitions and reasoning (L.9-10.3).

The constructed response portion of the final will guide students to explain theme (RL.9-10.2) character (RL.9-10.3), and intertextual connections in a short answer format (W.9-10.10).  As a result, a wide range of skills will be addressed, though the constructed response has a higher level of validity with the higher-order thinking patterns identified by Bloom and others.  


85 minutes

Here is the English 1 final exam for your perusal.   Some of these items were culled from online sources, some from my own design, some addressing language standards, and others addressing literature standards. 

Reflection on the Year

10 minutes

If  time allows, I will have a brief discussion with the students:

1.) What books did you enjoy and learn from this year?

2.) What aspects of class discussion, writing, reading, collaboration, individual work, etc., did you enjoy the most?  What did you enjoy the least?

3.) Rank the books in order of desirability: Summer Reading, Absolutely True Diary, Fahrehnheit 451, American Born Chinese, The Kite Runner, and Julius Caesar.