Final Project: Integrating Scripts and Editing Videos (Day 3 of 3)

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SWBAT represent a novel visually by integrating a written script and a selected images, editing these elements into a crafted final project.

Big Idea

Students show what they know by finishing their edited digital stories.

Sample Movie

30 minutes
Final Editing.
Many students are finishing the editing of their final projects, which I am endearingly entitling the "English1ChoiceReading--Book-to-MovieMovie" (W.9-10.6), and we are ready to watch a couple of finished products. For example, we watch one student sample which depicts a key scene from chapter 5 when Bilbo met with Gollum.
Sample Video & Presentation.
Again, there is the issue that the students created a video made largely of images from the movie, which may lack originality somewhat, but we were pressed for time, and I did not caution against this in advance, so I accepted it.  [note: this is also why I am not uploading this video to the Better Lesson site, as it has a lot of copyright issues, I sense.]  Once the students played their video in class, the students asked some self-generated questions (SL.9-10.2) about the scene and choices of representation (RL.9-10.7). 
The students also submitted a TheHobbit-Citations
In any case, this production and the others that we viewed ended up  motivating the class to finish their work, and I decided to give the students an extra day to edit (W.9-10.5) until the final exam proper, upon request.  Both today, and at the final exam, I showed roughly half of the films, and I based my selection on a combination of student interest in showing their projects and my appraisal of quality.  Really, I typically have ALL of the videos shown on the big screen in front of the class--or alternatively, in a museum format around the room--but this time, I opted to select a number of student projects to present and enjoy them whole class.  Unfortunately, we did not have time for all of them.
Editing Workshop.  
The next 20 minutes or so comprised of time for students to do their editing, or (if they were already done) to do some vocabulary review. 

Grammar/Mechanics Review for Final Exam

20 minutes

Grammar Review.  Part of the course of study involved instructing students in comma use, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and some other elements of usage.  As such, the final exam has several items that required a quick review, so I created the following notes sheet English 1 final exam REVIEW sheet.  

Notes Sheet.  In class, I will add the definitions and the class sentence, and I will ask the students to generate an original sentence in the middle column.  Volunteers will share these out as a last-minute pass through some familiar material.

The purpose of this activity and the study of grammar in general is to give students practice in writing standard English prose (L.9-10.1).  I still find that one-on-one coaching is the most successful way of doing this, but this is not always practical in a large classroom. 

Exit Slip

5 minutes

At the end of class, I will be curious to hear about what the students thought of the book/movie project, so I will give an exit slip with the following two questions:

1.) What did you enjoy and learn from the book/movie project?  Should next year's students do this project?

2.) How well did you do on your final digital story version of your book?