Final Project: Script Writing (Day 1 of 3)

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SWBAT adapt a key scene or missing chapter to a self-generated video production by writing a script of their original scene.

Big Idea

Producing a video of a key novel scene reveals the book in new ways!

Assignment Criteria Discussion

10 minutes

Handout.  As you can see from this sort of bare-bones description of the final assignment,Book-to-Movie is a set of criteria (see second page) for the students to make sure that they have completed rather than a detailed description of achievement at each level. I chose to do this in order to keep the document simple and easy to comprehend, but you could easily nip and tuck the rubric a bit further.  Again, the purpose of the assignment is to see how well students can represent their understanding of the book (RL.9-10.2,3) and transfer that to a different medium (RL.9-10.7) making comparisons between the original book, movie, and their own movie versions; for today, the challenge will be writing an interesting but short script (W.9-10.3b). 


I will ask:

1.) How will you write an interesting script for your missing/adapted chapter?  How can you reduce the chapter to about 1/2 a page?  

2.) From what you know about narrative writing, how can you use dialogue writing to reveal character?  Theme?  

Writing Scripts

30 minutes

Discussion.  I will  put the script for Gatsby on the overhead.  I will ask the students how the writers tried to evoke the subtext of each moment.  The goal here is to have students recall what they have learned this year about using dialogue to propel a storyline forward, as in this lesson on narration from earlier this year (W.9-10.3b).

I will ask:  What do we learn about the relationship, past experiences, and desires of both Gatsby and Daisy in this section of the story (RL.9-10.3), and how can you capture the relationships in you book into a script like this when you write yours today (W.9-10.3b)? 

Assessment.  I expect to hear from a majority of the students here, as I am looking to find out if they have a clear sense of the subtext of the story.  I expect that I will need to circle back and have a 1:1 discussion with students who might be quiet in the discussion in order to make sure that they have this key point clear in their minds. This is not meant to be reportage as much as it is meant to be an original piece of art in its own right, so they will need to think about the hidden feelings and motives of each of the characters. 

The students will write scripts for the remainder of the class period, an I expect it to be a fun experience for them!  Those who finish early can begin working on the visual element of their video production, which is the focus of tomorrow's lesson. 

Final Exam Review and Wrap Up

10 minutes

Just a quick note here that our department follows a vocabulary program that has been a sort of side dish for the year.  Here is a resource, vocabulary for finals that we used to collaboratively define and review the words.  In addition, I am offering the students a review guide, English 1 final exam REVIEW sheet.  We spent just a dozen minutes or so, and each student added one set of definitions.  

We will be spending 10-15 minutes each day reviewing for the final exam, which includes a definitive vocabulary list, some Shakespeare terminology, and grammar/punctuation.