Colonial Market: Market Day!

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SWBAT share and sell their products in a colonial market.

Big Idea

Let's go sell some colonial goods!

Cue Set

10 minutes

During the Cue Set, scholars watch a customer service training video.  Here is the notebook that accompanies the Cue Set.  As scholars watch the video, they think about the following questions: 

 1. What about this interaction between customer and employee is strong?  

2. What could be stronger about the interaction between customer and employee? 

After they watch, they have 1 minute to jot down their ideas.  Then, they have 30 seconds to share with a table friend.  Finally, I pull 2 friends' names from my cup and then take 2 volunteers.  

I want scholars to be able to say things like, "they used their manners, they asked the customer if they needed any help, etc."  

Teaching Strategy

5 minutes

During the Teaching Strategy, I model how to interact with a customer.  I actually have one student come up and pretend to be the customer.  I emphasize the following: 

1. Greeting 

2. Using my Colonial Market Ledger to keep track of the transaction 

3. Use my PETSY (Please, Excuse me, Thank you, Sorry and Your welcome).  Basically it is an acronym for using good manners. 

It is great to model for all students - especially those who are less verbal.  What you're teaching/asking scholars to do becomes real.  It helps to clarify expectations before scholars need to practice.  I spend a bit of extra time really modeling with the ledger so that scholars know exactly how to use this tool.  

Guided Practice

20 minutes

During the Guided Practice, scholars get into product groups and rehearse interacting with a customer.  They specifically practice the following: 

1. Greeting 

2. Ledger


Scholars also use this time to set up their products and put out their signs to prepare for the market. Here is a student practicing with the ledger.  While students are getting ready, you need to get ready too!  Make sure that anything you are using for the colonial market is up and running and that the room is clean.   

Independent Practice

60 minutes

During the Independent Practice, scholars run the market!  We invite 4th grade classes to come and purchase items from our colonial market.  All proceeds benefit our 5th grade celebration.  

I find that a project like this is a great way to end the year.  It gives great closure to our unit and it helps scholars to utilize all of the skills that they've learned throughout the year.  The day after the market, we will do an informal, verbal reflection centering on the following questions: 

  1. How could you have made your product better?
  2. What did you do well/think was fun?
  3. How did 5th grade help prepare you to be successful during market day? 

This helps scholars to also find closure at the end of the year and really reflect on their own growth. Here is One scholar reflecting post market day.  

Here are scholars at their booths during the colonial market!