Colonial Market: Final Preparations

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SWBAT synthesize all that they've learned to make it easier for a customer to gain the information needed to make a purchase in our colonial market.

Big Idea

How can we make our products appeal to our customers?

Cue Set

10 minutes

During the Cue Set, scholars look at different pictures of markets (both of the colonial era and those of today).  They answer the following questions: 

1. What do I notice about the different markets? 

2. What is helpful to the customers? 

3. What might we need to create to make our market more easily accessed? 

I ask scholars to look at pictures on their own and analyze what they think so that they can derive their own meaning from resources.  Instead of explicitly telling them how we are going to help our customers and make it easier for them to make purchases, I want them to piece it together on their own.  I find that this builds stronger critical thinking skills.  

Teaching Strategy

10 minutes

During the Teaching Strategy, I model how to create the following items to better help my customers: 

1. Booth Label 

2. Product Label 

3. Price tags 

Here is a picture of my product label and price tag

Modeling is super helpful to scholars because it helps them to visualize what they could do to make their product more appealing to their customers.  Also, it helps me to set expectations and boundaries during creation time.  I model the behavioral expectations I expect to see from all students.  This helps the guided practice time to be more productive.  

Guided Practice

40 minutes

During the Guided Practice, scholars work in their product groups to create the following: 

1. Booth label 

2. Product label 

3. Price tags 

They can also create any other items that they think might better help customers and attract customers to their products.  During the Guided Practice, I support specific groups that might need more help.  Also, I circulate the room to generally provide reinforcement for behavioral expectations and to answer any questions that may arise. 

Here is an picture of scholars working hard! Click on the video below to see them hard at work.