Oh Me! Applying Measurement,Multiplication & Fraction Skills to Make a "Me" Person. Day 2

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SWBAT measure using standard measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students complete their project by applying measuring skills in standard measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch and creating a model of themselves.

Warm Up: Oh No Fractions!

5 minutes

My students needed to finish up their "Me" person today, but I wanted to start class with a review of equivalent fractions. When they entered the classroom, I had them log onto either Candy Factory or Oh No! Fractions. They could choose which ap they wanted to use. They played several rounds in five minutes as they settled down from recess. It helped them get their minds set to finish up  measuring and making the paper model of themselves.


Measuring Height, Hands & Feet to Finish

30 minutes

My students put their iPad aside and then gathered up their materials from yesterday's lesson. They partnered up with the people they worked with the day before and picked up where they had left off in their work. I brought up the SB file from yesterday and turned to page 3. This page explains how to measure their height. Students took the adding machine paper rolls, their rulers and then began measuring each other's height as they backed up to the wall with their shoes off. Following directions to measure height was easy with partner work. The importance of learning to be accurate was discussed between partners continually as they struggled to not bow their heads and to understand where on the head measurement for height should begin. I liked this conversation where accuracy and connections are happening at the same time as they connect that they can now ride certain roller coasters.

A peek into the classroom: As they worked on measuring height, they realized that measuring the adding machine paper that was cut to their height and laid on the floor was easier than measuring from a mark as they stood against a wall. The thinking process about figuring out the best way to be accurate was great! Then, there was the challenge that MP 5 demands as my students decided  which tool? I could see that he was thinking that a yardstick might not be the tool to use. The tape measure was the better choice. I loved the conversations and measuring going on today. I was glad that we got the rigorous face measuring done the day before!

Two girls were measuring their feet. They traced their feet on the paper as I approached them to see if they had discovered anything interesting. Discovering that my feet aren't exactly the same size! reveals a real world connection to their measuring skill. As soon as students finished tracing  and cutting out their hands and feet, they wrote measurements on them.


10 minutes

As students finished up their measuring and cutting, they glued their faces onto the tape and their hands and feet to create the finished product. Students enjoyed sharing their "Me" as we hung them up along the wall after our photo shoots. Measuring Me! We talked about how this lesson combined learning to use our multiplication and fraction skills and our measurement skills. We practiced being accurate and paid attention to mathematical details to create a model that resembles us.