Poetry Analysis

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SWBAT interpret poems and convey ideas about theme using relevant details, quotations, and poetic devices.

Big Idea

Analyze poems and identify themes.

Day 1

50 minutes

In the past, students have analyzed poetry using TP-CASTT.  However, today students were analyzing assigned poems with a partner specifically focusing upon figurative language. 

I passed out a Poetry Analysis Chart sheet which addressed figurative language.  We reviewed the terms, and I reminded students that if they needed clarification of terms, they could refer to their notebooks.  In addition, I providedPoetry Analysis Narrative”  which addressed questions students might ask themselves as they are analyzing poetry.  They glued this resource in their notebooks. (10 min)

Next, I randomly passed out poems for partners to identify the figurative language in the assigned poem.

The Rose that Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur

 Woman Work” by Maya Angelou  

 “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden  

 “Making a Fist” by Naomi Shihab Nye 

 “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes  

 The Shell by James Stephens  

 “Conquerorsby Henry Treece  


Students worked together analyzing their assigned poem.  In the class, there were two sets of partners analyzing the same poem.  After 20 minutes, I instructed the partners to get together with the other partners having the same poem to discuss the figurative language located in the poem.  (20 min)


Each student kept the “Narrative Analysis”  in their notebooks to continue the analyzing on Day 2.

Day 2

50 minutes

I instructed students to take out their Poetry Analysis Chart from the previous day.  Today, they wrote a guided “Theme Analysis” individually about their assigned poem.

 Before they began, I passed out a Writing - Poetry Analysissheet which is a guided analysis about theme;  they glued this into their notebooks for future reference.  As a class, we discussed the format and expectations of completing this theme analysis.  The prompt is on the back of the “Poetry Analysis” Chart which they completed with their partners yesterday.

Students worked independently analyzing their poem and incorporating specific poetic concepts using textual evidence to support their identified theme.