Ad Campaign Demos

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Students will view each of the three ads from groups in different class periods to provide feedback.

Big Idea

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present To You...

Instructional Input

5 minutes

I begin class by passing out the Ad Project Demos Peer Evaluation Form each student will use as they view the advertising campaigns of their peers in a different class period. I explain to them that they should consider the use of propaganda techniques and P.E.L. elements present in each when determining effectiveness, not just if the ad is neat and visually appealing.

Each student will evaluate formally only four of the groups, but will make an overall decision of which group had the best campaign (other than their own). 

Guided Practice

45 minutes

For the remainder of the class period, I walk the students through each of the ad campaigns, piece-by-piece.During this process, I am able to be evaluating the pieces myself as well, including writing some comments for each as I go. This lessens the time it takes to grade and provide feedback for the kids.