Ad Campaign Group Work Day 4

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Students will work in their groups to accomplish the various assigned tasks.

Big Idea

Alright, It's Crunch Time!

Anticipatory Set

5 minutes

Class begins with the students in each group exchanging copies of the ads they have created to preview and offer feedback on. I ask each group member to write down what propaganda techniques are used and what P.E.L. elements are included. If they are not able to do so, it is a solid indicator that the elements are not clear or not present at all, which will serve as a compass for the day's activities. 

Independent Practice

40 minutes

Students are then given 40 minutes of class time to complete and finalize the three advertisements that will be submitted for grading as well as any other loose ends that may still exist. The idea is that all groups should be 95% or more complete by the end of the class so as to be ready to show off their hard work to one another the following day.

During this time, I move between the groups asking the students to explain their choices for me, and offering feedback as needed both praise and suggestions for revision. Most of the students have pretty clearly established goals for the day, so I try not to interfere while still making it clear that I am there for support as needed. 


5 minutes

I wrap up class by asking each group to share their current status. This means that they tell me a percentage of which they feel their work is complete at this moment in time. Regardless of the answer, I ask each to also tell me what the next steps are, specifically, in order to make sure they are ready to go when they walk in the next day. 

Most of the groups are pretty much done, minus reprinting something, or correcting a small typo in their documents.