Ad Campaign Group Work Day 3

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Students will work in their groups to accomplish the various assigned tasks.

Big Idea

Let's Analyze The Survey Results To Make Modifications!

Instructional Input

15 minutes

We start the class right away with me leading the students through an effective strategy to compile and analyze results.  I show the students how to make a spreadsheet that can be used to tally the results of the surveys, so it will be easy to read and understand. In setting this stage for them, I am better able to ensure successful outcomes. My process for this and thinking behind it are pretty much like I share in the video, Using Excel To Average Data

Guided Practice

30 minutes

Students use the next 30 minutes of the class period to compile and enter the survey results into the spreadsheet they have created. They are expected to have the results available by the end of the 30 minute time frame provided. I make sure to move between the groups that need help first, and then check in on the other groups after that. It is important to check in with each group, even the ones who feel confident in their ability, to ensure they are correct. 

Closure/Exit Ticket

5 minutes

To conclude the class, I ask each group to write down a list of the choices they made in the preliminary plan that will be acceptable and effective as they are, and a list of the necessary changes they need to make based on the survey outcomes. Students will then be able to work on the actual advertisements as appropriate. Students are expected to have a solid start on each of the three products when they come to class the following day. Since they were able to make a preliminary plan, they need only make edits to the work they started already. This makes the process more manageable for them to complete.

Having the students write these items down is essential because it takes it to another level of commitment than simply recognizing a need or a goal. Putting it in writing changes the game a little bit and it makes it feel more formal and official for the students.