Ad Campaign Group Work Day 2

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Students will work in their groups to accomplish the various assigned tasks.

Big Idea

Where Are We At On That?

Instructional Input

10 minutes

I take the first 10 minutes of the class period to discuss the survey expectations with the students in order to ensure clarity and success. I remind them that they should have all surveys administered as soon as possible, reminding them who they have as potential buyers, and when it is appropriate to ask people to participate. We have a unique time available each day to our students on our campus, called AP Time, which is an Academic Prep period of 30 minutes each day. I let the students know that this would be a great time to ask teachers and students to participate in the survey. I also make sure to let them know that they are not allowed to ask students from their own class period to participate, in order to get the most genuine and accurate results. 

(Reflection: Why not students from their own class period?)

Guided Practice

40 minutes

For the remainder of the class period, students are expected to work with their groups in order to create a preliminary advertising campaign plan, based on the anticipated results of the survey and fully aligned to the Ad and Prop Group Project guidelines. This means that they will use their best guess about the survey results to create a starting point. This way, they can most effectively discuss the necessary modifications to make based on the actual results of the survey, speaking in specifics rather than the hypothetical, but also allowing them to use their time productively and get things accomplished. This puts them in a better position to achieve success. I assure them of this by explaining that it is far easier and less time consuming to make modifications to something that is already there than to wait for the feedback and then get started from scratch. This discussion is one I find necessary and helpful to increase students' Confidence.