Group Product Creation

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Students will work in self-determined groups to create a product that they will design an advertising campaign for.

Big Idea

That Is Such A Great Idea

Anticipatory Set

5 minutes

Class begins with the students being asked to create a list of potential inventions they can think of. They are told to stay at least semi-realistic in the ideas they come up with. As a means of supporting any of the students who struggle with this, I ask them to also think about current items that exist that they think could be improved upon. 

Instructional Input

15 minutes

After students have had time to work on their individual list of potential inventions, I ask for their focus and attention in order to explain and show the presentation Introducing Advertising Campaign Project they will be working on over the next four days. I let them know that they will have the ability to select their own groups of 4 students. Based on class sizes, there may be a group or two that end up with 3 students in them, but the goal overall is to have four team members. I review the assignment sheet with them, going over expectations explicitly, and then let them have the last few minutes of this section to select group members. As groups come together, I am labeling my seating chart to mark the different groupings. This helps me to ensure that all students are included, including any absent students. I have had these students for a good amount of time now, so I feel confident that I can place any of the absent students into groups that they would be effective and successful in. 


Guided Practice

30 minutes

After the groups have been determined, I have the kids share the list of inventions they created at the beginning of the class period with their new group members. This way, the group will have a plethora of options to select from for the final product.

Once the students have all had a chance to share their lists with the members of their group, I ask that they begin to consider which one they can reach consensus on to use for the project. In the project, the students will work together to design and create an ad campaign for the selected product from this discussion. I  also let them know that the must get my stamp of approval on the product they want to use. Only products with my approval will be accepted. This helps me to ensure they have something semi-viable, something relatively original, at least something that is not similar to a peer group, and that they have enough of a concept to work with that they will be likely to have enough to create an ad campaign.  

The next step, after getting my approval, is  to determine the roles each group member will take on and the aspects of the project they will be directly involved with using the Ad and Prop Group Project handout. As they are making these determinations, each group is asked to consider some concepts and ideas that relate to the bigger picture of the project as well. As the groups are discussing and planning, I stop by at each table to offer support and feedback after hearing their ideas and plans at that point so far. I address these tasks in my Ad Campaign Task Overview video.