Computer Lab Day: More Practice

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SWBAT identify learning targets they want to master, and choose their work accordingly.

Big Idea

When students know what to expect, things can click in a new a way!

Optional: Locker Problem Debrief

5 minutes

Some students will arrive to class today still having questions about the Locker Problem that they worked on yesterday.  I'll be happy to engage in any questions kids have about the problem before we get started.  Also, since we're in the computer lab I can just tell kids to look it up.  I say, "Google the locker problem," and tell me what you find out.  It's a blast to watch kids make their own sense of the problem as they read, and to recognize that they're participating in something that is discussed elsewhere, beyond this class.

Work Time: Choice of Assignments on Delta Math

43 minutes

Today's lesson is in the computer lab, and it's exactly like our computer lab lesson of one week ago.  Please take a look at the second section of that lesson to see how assignments are structured on Delta Math today.

I don't have anything new to share here, but I think it's important to show you that this lesson takes place.  As the year winds down, sticking to the same handful of structures and allowing students to make the most of the time is an important strategy.  I might create a few new Delta Math assignments for additional learning targets, if student have requested such work.  For most students, what was already available last week is enough to continue on today.  

As I've written before, if a learning target from Unit 1 finally clicks today - and I can count on that happening - then that's exactly what had to happen.  My role is to meet kids where they're at, make it clear to them that, thanks to their hard work, they're learning, and to help them reflect on what this means for next year.