Publishing Your Final Product

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SWBAT publish a short research project about a topic using information and text features.

Big Idea

How do text features help my informational writing?


10 minutes

Now comes the fun part, publishing. As mentioned in a previous lesson, I decided to let students share their information in a flip book. To get started with publishing, I want to revisit text features again with students. We will continue to use our textbook as a resource to show students how authors enhance their writing by using text features. I have students open their textbooks and turn to a section in the book. I ask students to point out the other features that have been used in the book besides the section titles, the sentences and paragraphs. Students begin to talk about pictures, captions under the pictures, and diagrams. Next, I ask students how they can use these features in their writing. Students say we can add pictures and diagrams. I tell students to think about their own writing.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

During this time, I have asked students to think about their own writing and try to determine where they can place pictures, captions, and diagrams to make their book more interesting. Now I call on several students to tell where they might put a text feature, which kind and why in that spot. After hearing from a few students, I ask students to tag sections in their writing where they want to place a text feature. Students are asked to use at least one of each in different areas of their writing. In order for students to determine where they will put these features, I tell them they have to read the writing and make sure that what they choose to go in a particular section needs to better help the reader understand that section. I tell students to be careful not to just stick text features in random places. Before students get started, I model how to think through this with my writing. While students are working, I circulate the room to offer suggestions and answer questions.


25 minutes

Once students have completed tagging locations for their text features, I allow students to either draw or find clip art to go with their books. I have checked out the mobile lab so students who want to use clip art or images have access to a computer. I show students how to safely look for images that will go with their topic. Students spend this time finding images and writing the final draft of their book. Students begin to put their books together using scissors and glue. To save time, I have already put the actual book together for students; they just spend this time applying their writing and text features. I also encourage students to edit their draft before writing the final copy and applying it to the book. Again, I circulate the room to work with kids who may still need help.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

After students have finished putting their books together, I allow them to move around the room sharing their books with their classmates. I collect them when they are done to assess students’ work.