Text Structure & Writing

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SWBAT write an informational piece using a specific text structure.

Big Idea

How can I use text structure to convey my ideas?


10 minutes

To introduce today’s lesson I show students a Non-Fiction Text Structure Chart. We have looked at this before in reading but now we are going to connect it to writing to help students develop their topic more effectively. I begin the lesson by telling students that all authors use techniques when they write and one of these is picking a text structure to share their information. Today, I tell students we are going to look at some of these and determine which we will use for our informational writing. As a whole group we take a look at the chart and go through it.

Group Discussion

5 minutes

Now that we are together, I bring students’ attention back to their informational writings and we discuss which technique or structure we should use in our writing. We decide on Descriptive. Now we talk about how we will introduce and close our writing because we already have a body. This leads us into the last part of our lesson.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

During this section of our lesson students are taking a look at the different types of introductions and closings authors use when writing. Students have learned about these previously so this is a review. Students have examples of different examples of these in their interactive notebooks and are able to go back to them to review while writing. Students are working independently on a handout. They are looking at effective lead and closing techniques to write their introductions and conclusions. Students complete a similar activity from the guided practice where they are analyzing leads and closings. Then students work on practicing a lead and closing for their informational writing. When students are finished they are asked to turn and talk to their neighbor about their leads and closings. Students share their introductions and conclusions with their neighbor for feedback. Students are encouraged to make sure they are using the descriptive structure as they are writing. As students work, I circulate the room and conference with students who show they need more scaffolding and understanding of the structure of a text.

Wrap Up/Assessment

5 minutes

Once students are done, we come together to review what we did in class today. We have a brief discussion and I call on a few students to share their closing or lead. I collect students’ papers and review their work making comments and using their responses to determine conferences for the next lesson.