Using a ShowMe as an Assessment

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Students will be able to communicate their understanding of geometric attributes using technology and script writing skills.

Big Idea

Students are motivated by technology and teamwork to create. In this lesson/assessment students work in production teams to create movies about math using the ShowMe app.


5 minutes

In yesterday's lesson, What Makes a Shape, Analyzing and Script Writing, student partnerships review the sides of their bat house in order to describe the attributes of each quadrilateral.  

Today's lesson will begin with me reminding them of the terms they should have used at least once in their descriptions, and to review any of the terms they have questions about.  In the resource section, I have included the board of terms we worked from. 

Following our review, I reminded the students how to take photos using the ShowMe App (free).  I then set them off to create their videos. 

If you are new to ShowMe, this video may help you get started. 

Active Engagement

30 minutes

As the students work, I move around the room listening. I am using these videos as assessments, so I am not prompting their input, but rather, helping with the technology if necessary.  However, because I know my class so well, I listen in carefully because during many of their re-takes, students will omit some of their planned communication. 

While listening, I take note of understandings or misunderstandings.  During our closing, I will reteach what is necessary. 

In this video, the girls work together to show all sides of their bat house.  One of the girls chooses to add in vocabulary terms as her partner speaks.  

One misunderstanding in this clip that I will speak to in the closing is the fact that they say the side of the bat house is not an example of a trapezoid.  They even draw why they think so, deciding there is only one type of trapezoid. However, a trapezoid is any quadrilateral with only one set of parallel sides.  

This clip is an example of how to use a ShowMe with students needing modifications.  These boys do a wonderful job creating their scripts, working on pronouncing the vocabulary terms, and describing attributes.  For them, I take away the requirement to write over the photos. I also modify the number of terms they are required to use. 

This clip is an example of very motivated students!  However, they do not use many terms, as they are focusing on the production of the ShowMe.  This is when I would look at their notes, and have them speak to the class during our viewing so they can add more detail.

Closing and Sharing

10 minutes

To close, I show the videos used in the above lesson sections.  This is when I review, reteach, celebrate, and answer questions. 

Then, the children place their iPads on their desks and do a room tour of videos.  As each pair approaches the desks, they can play the ShowMe's. They then can leave feedback to the directors on sticky notes.  

If you run out of time for the "tour", I urge you to open the next day's session with this tour/celebration. Celebrating is an important part of learning. By doing this we honor our students' effort. We all want to be recognized for our hard work!