End of the Year Reflection

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SWBAT: reflect on the end of the year and share their favorite memories out loud.

Big Idea

This is one of those sneaky, little lessons you can squeeze into some of those free moments at the end of the year.


25 minutes

Several years ago, someone gave me the Award-Winning Year sheet. Over the years, I've done different things with it, but this year, as I realized how my students might need more support with their speaking and listening skills, I used this to meet those standards.

First, I had the students choose a prompt and circle it. Then, they had about ten minutes to write a thoughtful reflection. When everyone in the class was finished, I had them share with each other and then share out loud. To keep the audience engaged and respectful, I had them practice S.L.A.N.T. (Sit Up, Lean In, Activate Your Thinking, Nod/Note Important Information, Track the Speaker).

After my students finish sharing, I give any reflection that may mention a teacher to that teacher. I have several of these from over the years, and it's still nice to go back and look at them when I feel blue. These can also make a cute bulletin board display if you have the students color them! 

What other unique ideas do you guys have?