Purpose and Multiple Texts Test

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SWBAT analyze a new text for purpose and draw conclusions and evaluate multiple thematically-related texts.

Big Idea

Ready, set, test! Purpose and multiple texts.

Do Now: Prepare for the Test

3 minutes

I save time via my Do Now today and ask students to clear their desks of all materials except a writing utensil and the approved notes chart from our previous lesson. This gives students a reminder of what we are about to do, and they are able to sharpen pencils and clean up while I take attendance.


47 minutes

I begin the test with the usual reminders:

  • no whispers (my 27-year-old ears aren't sharp enough to distinguish "what time is it?" from "what's the claim")
  • raise a hand for assistance
  • submit completed tests to my desk, not the drop box (too many eyes by the drop box)

It's a quiet hour, full of pencil scribbling, eraser fluff, and my stealthy meandering to deter unwanted behavior and be near at hand for questions.