A Graphic Representation of Three Views of Storytelling, Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT finish analyzing the perspective conveyed in three different texts by finishing a graphic organizer the started the day before.

Big Idea

Providing more support to address the rusty visual language.


5 minutes

I let students know that they are getting additional time today to finish the graphic organizer they started the day before. I discuss the weaknesses I observed in their work at the end of the period the day before. I let them know many of their visuals were not working. Some groups only indentified one idea that connects all three. I remind them that they have to be mindful of the space and use shapes, lines, and color to establish the connections the task calls for.

I let them know I will be offering them support as they work today. 

Finish Graphic Organizers

25 minutes

The day before, I let students work on this assignment mostly on their own. They found it challenging, but I wanted them to struggle through the assignment and try to figure it out. Today, I spend this entire time sitting with one group at a time assisting them and discussing the content of their chart. For instance, several groups wrote a few pieces of information only and missed several important points. For this, I basically engage students in discussion and ask them to refer back to their notes to look for more information to add. In this video, I share a few sample graphic organizers students completed today.

Students Share Organizers, Gallery Walk

8 minutes

I want to give students an opportunity to share what they have come up with. I ask them to use a magnetic clip to post their paper on one of the two boards and engage the class in a gallery walk. I instruct students to pay attention to the way their classmates organized the information. More importantly, I instruct students to pay attention to any information their group may have missed. 

Introduce And Start New Assignment

20 minutes

The next step in this study of different views of storytelling is for students to show what they understand by representing this information in a different way. Specifically, they are going to mimic a poem and make it communicate O’Brien’s pespective. I take a few minute to explain: Students are using this copy of the poem "Ceremony" the third text we read in our study of different views of storytelling and rewriting the poem to make it communicate O’Brien’s perspective. They are to maintain the same structure and just modify it by changing words here and there. The poem and O’Brien’s chapter “Good Form,” have several things in common, as highlighted in the notes and graphic organizers students worked on in the last couple of days. This makes the poem an excellent candidate for this task.

The instructions make better sense accompanied with an example and I can clearly tell by the perplexed looks throughout the room. To illustrate what I mean I read the title of the poem, “Ceremony” and ask students if this title works for a poem that communicates O’Brien’s perspective of storytelling. Students overwhelmingly say that it does not and I let them know that this is the first modification they are to make to this poem. I explain that they are to come up with a single word, to maintain the same structure, that would work for a poem for O’Brien’s view. I then read the first line of the poem and ask the same question. They all believe the first line works and I agree so I let them know they just have to rewrite this line on the blank space to the right. I follow this process with the second and third line. They decide to keep the second line as is and to change the word “entertainment” in the third line. I agree with this and let them know they now understand what to do. This is a sample of what one student was able to complete today.

I give them the rest of the period to get started. I let them know they will be finishing this assignment tomorrow.