"What Keeps Me Going"

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SWBAT write a news article focusing upon a central idea, incorporating evidence from an interview, and demonstrating an organizational writing strategy.

Big Idea

Who is Winter Vinecki?

Read the Interview

15 minutes

I passed out copies of “What Keeps Me Going," an interview with Winter Vinecki, the youngest person to run marathons on all seven continents.  This is taken from March, 2014, Scholastic Scope Magazine.

Before reading the interview, I explained to the students that they will be taking the interview information and writing a news article.  We reviewed details of how a news article is written using News Article power point .


25 minutes

I reminded them that their assignment is not to summarize the information but decide what do you, as a reporter, want the readers to understand about Winter after this interview.  Each student will probably be presenting their views in different ways. 

 Requirements include:  

Select a central idea to address about Winter Vinecki.  Referring to the interview, include not only quotations but also supporting ideas from the information.   As always, incorporate transitions, check grammar, especially  use of active voice.

 Reviewed Active/Passive Voice PP; encouraged students to refer to Transitions Tree Map previously recorded in their notebook.