"When Killer Mice Attack"

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SWBAT choose language that expresses ideas precisely and concisely, recognizing and eliminating redundancy.

Big Idea

Grammar Review - parallelism, word choice, redundancy.

Read the Text

10 minutes

I passed out copies of “Scholastic Scope” (March, 2014), "The Lazy Editor - When Killer Mice Attack."    Students were instructed to review the “Find It/Fix It” directions to identify the types of grammar corrections they should be aware before reading the article - use of their, they're, there; parallelism, word choice, and redundancy. Then they read the article.

After Reading

15 minutes

After reading the article, students then referred to the directions and marked the text, locating the errors - correct form of words, parallel structure, word choice, and redundancy.

Each student then explained on their own paper, the errors they located and wrote an explanation of the rules used to make corrections. If necessary, students could refer to notes or other resources within the classroom

Small Group Discussion

10 minutes

In small groups, students specifically discussed the errors located and reasons for correcting these errors.  They were encouraged to refer to their notebooks to validate their reasons.  This provided students a chance review and acknowledge topics that they needed to study for finals.

Whole Class Discussion

5 minutes

As a closure, the class took part in verifying the correct answers and providing explanations for unclear responses.