Colonial Market: Advertising Our Products

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SWBAT persuade others to purchase our colonial products (in writing).

Big Idea

What's so great about your product?

Cue Set

15 minutes

Scholars view three different colonial advertisements (Cue Set Smart Board).  As they look at them, they ask themselves the following questions: 

1. What makes the advertisements strong? 

2. What could make them stronger? 

I want scholars to come to the realization that things like illustrations and large print help grab reader's attention.  Things like color or a catch-phrase could make the advertisements stronger.  Again I don't want to GIVE scholars the answers here.  I want them to arrive at their own understanding.  This promotes higher order critical thinking.  

Scholars have 2 minutes to analyze and record their thinking.  Then, scholars do a quick whip around to share their thinking.  Finally, I take 2 friends from my cup and two volunteers to disucss the questions.  

Teaching Strategy

20 minutes

During the Teaching Strategy, I model how to think through the following questions in order to create a strong advertisement: 

1. Who is my audience?  To which age group/demographic am I attempting to appeal?   

2. Why is my product worth buying?  What makes it special or strong? 

3.  How can I make this visually appealing to the viewer of the advertisement?  

Use this advertising brainstorm template to help students organize their thinking.  

Then, I model how to use the materials available to me to create a strong advertisement.  It is important to model so that scholars can hear your thinking.  Answering the questions above and showing scholars how the advertisement is developed (based on the responses to the questions above) really helps scholars to internalize this type of thinking.  It will make their advertisements much more strong!  


Guided Practice

55 minutes

During the Guided Practice scholars get into their product groups and work together to brainstorm the answers to the first three questions.  Then, they can either work together or independently to produce the actual advertisement.  During this time, my ELL co-teacher and I support scholars who have not yet completed their three paragraph essay.  Also, we finish up any IRI's (running records) that need to be complete.  Click here for an IRI overview.  

Scholars use paper, crayons, markers and other classroom materials to create their advertisements.  Scholars can use computers, if available.  Here is one student advertisement and another advertisement.  

Here are scholars making their advertisements!