Colonial Market: Project Proposal

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SWBAT synthesize research to write a 3-paragraph project proposal ,

Big Idea

What is a proposal and why do we submit them?

Cue Set

15 minutes

During the Cue Set, scholars watch a video of a wedding proposal.

 As they watch the video, they ask themselves the following questions: 

1. What is a proposal? 

2. Based on your definition, what do you think a project proposal is?  What might it entail? 

I have scholars watch the video and discuss these questions instead of lecturing and telling them what a proposal is to develop their critical thinking skills.  Also, it is more interesting and engaging.  Scholars need to develop the skill of using what they know to make meaning of a new phrase.  This is an invaluable life skill.  

After they watch the video, they have 1 minute to jot down their answers to questions 1 & 2, then they share with their table groups.  Finally, we take 2 friends from the cup and 2 volunteers.  

Teaching Strategy

15 minutes

During the Teaching Strategy, I model how to use my Colonial Market Proposal and notes from my research yesterday to begin my three paragraph essay.  I remind scholars that all essays must: 

1. State what you are planning to make. 

2. State HOW you plan to make it. 

3. Explain how that item relates to colonial life.  

It is important to model how to begin to write so that scholars can hear how a fluent writer synthesizes information to produce a new piece of writing.  I model how to use my notes to address each of the topics above.  I organize my essay into 5 separate paragraphs (opening, what I plan to make, how I plan to make it, how it relates to colonial life and closing).  I model asking myself questions like, "does this make sense?  If I were to read it out loud, how would it sound?"  These questions help scholars to understand how strong writers are able to write well.  

Here is a sample of my modeling.  I have scholars copy sentence starters to help them begin to create their proposals.  

Guided Practice

10 minutes

During the Guided Practice, scholars have 10 minutes to use their note taking template to finish up any research and make sure that parts 1 & 2 of their project proposal is complete.  Scholars can work in their product groups to do this.  I want to make sure that scholars have time to gather all of their resources and tie up any loose ends so that they are prepared to fully dive-in and complete their essays during the independent practice.  

Independent Practice

50 minutes

During the Independent Practice, scholars write their essays.  They have 50 minutes to work on their own to complete them.  Most scholars will finish in this time frame.  If they do not, it is homework.  The end of the year is quickly approaching and there is no time to extend this lesson.

My ELL co-teacher and I will pull small groups or conference (based on need) with scholars to ensure that they are supported to write the essay.  I also may pull some scholars to give our IRI (running record).  Here is an IRI overview.  

The reason why scholars are independent is because scholars all need practice writing.  Instead of submitting one proposal per group, I want to make sure that everyone is actively practicing their essay writing.  

Here are scholars working hard!