Colonial Market: Research

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SWBAT read and analyze text to conduct research about colonial markets.

Big Idea

Let's learn more about the product we chose to make!

Cue Set

5 minutes

During the Cue Set, scholars turn and tell their friends what they plan on making for the colonial market project.  The purpose of this turn-and-talk is to quickly remind scholars of what we are doing in class and to ground them in what we will be focusing on today.  

This is a fast Cue Set because the focus of this lesson is on research.  We have researched several times this year, so we want to quickly move through the Cue Set and Teaching Strategy to get to the actual research! 

Teaching Strategy

15 minutes

During the Teaching Strategy ,I model how to conduct research for my colonial product.  I use books from our book baggies (leveled books), my social studies and reading text book as well as my computer to model research.  As I research, I record facts on my research notes.  My research centers on three specific areas: 

1. What am I making? Describe the product. 

2. How will I make it? 

3. How is this item important to colonial life?  

As I collect facts and details about each area, I make notes on a different page of the note taking template. This way, my research will be better organized when I sit down to write.  

It is important to model how to research so that scholars can see a strong model of how to read and understand what you're reading.  Moreover, it is important for scholars to see what information I choose to keep and record and what information I choose to discard.  This is an invaluable time for scholars to begin to internalize the research process.  

Guided Practice

60 minutes

During the Guided Practice, scholars break up into small groups depending on what they've chosen to create.  Scholars can also work independently, that is their choice.  Since this is our end-of-the-year project, I give scholars more freedom and choice.  My ELL co-teacher and I circulate to support individuals and small groups as-needed.  We do not predetermine groupings.  This way it is more fun, engaging and it helps us to gauge how well scholars have internalized certain skills.  

In their small groups, scholars research their product.  Their research centers on three focus areas: 

1. What am I making?  - Describe the product 

2. How will I make it? 

3. How is this item important to colonial life? 

Scholars have 60 minutes to conduct their research.  Any additional research time needed is homework.  Scholars can use text books, books in their book baggies and computers & iPads to support their research.  

Here is a video of scholars researching!


Independent Practice

15 minutes

During the Independent Practice, scholars take 15 minutes to complete sections 1 & 2 of their Colonial Market Proposal.  They should indicate what product they are making and what materials they will need.  This part of the project plan will be signed-off by parents and by me in the event that they need to bring materials or tools from home to complete the project.