"The Highwayman" Close Read Day 3

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Students will complete the final remaining tasks of the close read, working collaboratively to discuss and build upon the ideas of their peers to develop an accurate interpretation of the poem, "The Highwayman".

Big Idea

When I First Read It...But Now...

Anticipatory Set

5 minutes

I start class on this third and final day of this lesson by asking the students to do some reflection. I ask them to think about the first two days, their own progress, and their own needs. I then ask them to rate how confident they feel about completing the task. I ask the students to rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 where a 1 means the student needs quite a bit more help, and a 5 means that the student feels supremely confident in his or her ability to complete the task with no help from me (the teacher). I then make any seating adjustments necessary to create 3 sections in the classroom. One section is composed solely of the students who do not feel they need my help, a second section that may need some help throughout the period, and a third group that is made up of the students that feel they are most in need of my help and support to complete the task. This way, I can focus a majority of my attention on the students who need it, and will not interrupt the students who are working well in their table groups and/or independently. 

Guided Practice/Independent Practice

45 minutes

The remainder of the class period is dedicated to completing this task. I want to be sure that each and every student submits a close read for grading that he or she feels is a passing effort and meets the standards and expectations we have established. I go back through the Powerpoint, step-by-step, slide-by-slide, as the higher needs group and I work to get through, and the other two are able to follow along as needed. 

I have included Highwayman Close Read Student Work samples, imperfect, but certainly an accurate representation of the overall efforts. Additionally, I review this work and address some items I am looking for specifically in the Reviewing Student Work video.