Writing Arguments about the Mockery of Love in MidSummer Night’s Dream

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SWBAT use words and phrases to make their arguments about love credible and personal.

Big Idea

L.O.V.E. I can do with & without it!

Lesson Introduction

How would you feel if you were told how to love or feel love for someone picked for you? The answers to these questions are in Shakespeare's MidSummer Night's Dream. As students continue to read the play, they truly gain an understanding of love and if it is seen seen by two people at first sight.

Bellringer: It's All In a Plan!

10 minutes

As students enter the classroom, the following prompt is on the board:

"If you live in a time or are part of a culture where marriages are arranged by your parents, would you go ahead and marry the man/woman? If not, why would you reject the marriage? Or if you would obey your parents, explain why. Do pre-arranged relationships work?"

Students will take the first few minutes of class to plan out their essay. Since I have talked up graphic organizers in the past, students have the option to use them in their pre-planning time. However, some students may not utilize this organizational technique so I will also require the following requirements that will be discussed in the later part of the lesson: introduction, thesis statement, and supporting details in each body paragraph. Check out one students' paragraph during this activity of the lesson to see how plans where done prior to writing a draft.

Independent Practice: In-Class Write

30 minutes

Students will take a break from reading to respond to a controversial issue mentioned throughout the play. As students work independently on their writing, I will provide a place in the back of the room where I can sit and help students with thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how to make their paragraphs better.

Check out some GREAT examples of a student planning and revising of love paragraphs to see what was developed in this short amount of time in a class period!

Wrap-Up: Sharing Love Stories

7 minutes

No matter what arguments and opinions students have about love, Shakespeare addresses his perspectives throughout the plot of the play. Listen to my reading of a students' copy of love paper 1 and copy of love paper 2 to hear the personal connections students took to understand fully the notion of love and/or pre-arranged marriages. The reading of student love paragraphs allows listeners to hear the variety of sentences and details used to support arguments about love.