Myth Madness: the Final Contest

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Write short arguments based on research that demonstrate focus and organization and include supporting details.

Big Idea

Weigh strengths against weaknesses as four gods move on to the final rounds of competition on Mt. Olympus.

Project Share

15 minutes

Students arrive to class eager to share their projects and determine the final winner in our Myth Madness competition. The one god that outlasts, outwits and outplays the others will reign as the most powerful god of 2014. They have already spent time researching each god and are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Half the class came prepared with poem (bio or diamante) or Venn diagram project comparing Apollo and Aphrodite and the half compared Hermes and Athena. Some examples appear here and here. They lay their projects out on their desks and circulate around the room keeping in mind that they must be ready to declare and defend their choices.

Vote With Your Feet

20 minutes

Moving about the room gives students the opportunity to clearly see where each person stands in regards to determining the winners in the final rounds of the competition for most powerful god on Mt. Olympus.  This video describes the process in more detail:

And the Winner Is...

15 minutes

If you do not yet have an account on the Socrative website, I urge you to create one. The format for this quiz is quite simple with just a couple questions and the results appearing in a bar graph that draws an instant and emotional response from the students. You should know, though, that the website is capable of much more complex tasks. In order to access the quizzes used today log into your account and enter the room number: soc-4026571 for round 1 and then later when you are ready enter soc-4026578 for round 2. The final results for our competition appear here.