Story Writing, Using a Poem

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SWBAT build on their understanding of a poem they wrote by writing a story. This lesson is perfect for the end of the year.

Big Idea

How can we take our creative writing even further? Kids build on their poems by creating stories.

I think this poem is about...

5 minutes

This lesson is directly connected to the previous day's lesson.

Kids take a minute to read their poems from the day before, and then they write a two sentence response.

I think this poem is about...

...just so they have a solid understanding of their own writing.

Story Based on a Poem...

45 minutes

Here it is time for students to:

  1. Get creative!
  2. Show off everything they've learned this year with their independent reading.
  3. Show their writing stamina!

They will take their poem that they wrote the day prior. Here is an example:

Student Sample (1): Poem using word bank.

Now, it is time to write a story based on the poem. They should reread their poem carefully, take a look at their sample leads, and start writing. When they hit a wall, remind students to return to their poem. They may uncover a detail they hadn't noticed the first time.

I let them write for a while! I give them a few breaks, but for the most part, they want to keep going. At the end of the year it is exciting to see all of the narrative techniques they've picked up, not to mention writing stamina.

Here is the story, based on the poem above...

Student Sample (1): Story Based on a Poem.

Share, share, share!

20 minutes

Today, I give kids a chance to share their work. I do a small group share. Students pick their groups. I always say, what are you going to say if you see someone working alone? This seldom happens towards the end of the year, because I've been working on this for so long. But sometimes, at the end they need a reminder.

Here is another great sample:

Student Sample (2): Poem using word bank.

And here is their story...

Student Sample (2): Story Based on a Poem.