Go With The Flow (map)

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SWBAT sequence story events and use those picture prompts to retell the story.

Big Idea

Together we are better!

Prepare the Learner

10 minutes

I have students watch the video version of Swimmy.  We watch this to activate prior knowledge and review events of the story.



We see multi media addressed throughout Common Core.  As our students get older and we prepare them for college and career, it will be important for them to be comfortable with different forms of media.  We also want them to be able to listen for information and be actively engaged through media.  Presenting the story through video meets all of those needs!

Interact with text/concept

45 minutes

Flow Map-Release of Responsibility (You do independently)


Students had practice on the previous day with small groups and their parents with retell through a retell bracelet.  These experiences put students in a supportive atmosphere where they were encouraged to succeed, therefore, preparing them to tackle a sequencing activity independently.  This gradual release of responsibility gives students the scaffolding they need for success, but also holds them accountable for their own learning.


I give students a set of events and a flow map.  We have worked on these all year long, so students know exactly what to do.  I quickly review expectations: Boys and girls, what do you do first? (cut out the events)  What do you do after that? (glue the events in order on the flow map)  I want you to cut all of your events first.  Then you can get a glue bottle and flow map and start gluing them in order.  Any questions?  Everyone go to your seats and get out your scissors.  I will bring you your papers. 


As students go to their seats and take out their scissors, I pass out the events for them to cut.  I put the flow maps of the floor next to the glue.  As the kids finish cutting, they get a bottle of glue and a flow map.


As kids are cutting and gluing I monitor progress and assist where necessary.  

Extend Understanding

30 minutes

As students finish, they raise their hand.  I have them bring their flow map to me and they retell the story, using their flow map as a reference point. 


As they are retelling I am listening for sequence trigger words as well as checking for the correct order of events.  I do this 1:1 so that I can measure accurately what each student knows.  This is a summative assessment and I usually keep these to show parents at parent conferences.