Plan a Party! (Day 2)

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SWBAT reason about and apply math to real world situations.

Big Idea

Math in context makes much more sense.


5 minutes

You guys have worked very hard at doing the research and coming up with the costs for your party plans. What have we figured out about math in the real world? What type of math have we been using to plan our parties? 

It is important here for me to review and discuss how math applies to every day things. When students see real world relevance in math to things that interest them, like having a party, it becomes more useful. Students will be continuing their work from yesterday by extending their proposals and budgets, while finishing research and cost analysis. 


35 minutes

Today we are going to finish up researching our costs and activities so that we can publish our final proposals. Your final proposals need to have your expenses, guest list, activities, and a plan for how you will cover your expenses (MP1). 

I found it interesting where students ran into road blocks in this activity. Proficient students at multiplication had a hard time recognizing that a package of hamburger buns (which comes with 8) would need to be multiplied to see how many packages they needed. These connections were a very important part of this process.

Gallery Walk

10 minutes

Students will display their work on their tables and we will do a gallery walk to give all students an opportunity to look over the proposals. I want students to see a variety of examples of work from their peers, which may spark ideas for them in the future.