Peer Review Preparation

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SWBAT evaluate the rhetorical value of their peers' work through a step by step process in preparation for discussion

Big Idea

Written preparation can provide more thorough discussion and feedback than thoughts made in the moment.


In order to provide a strong peer review of the final essay Independent Argument Essay.docx (because this is a final summative assessment, I told my students when it was assigned that I would not provide any feedback this time.  However, I also told them that part of being in academics is collaboration and peer review, and that they certainly should rely on each other for some feedback) while simultaneously reviewing rhetorical appeals and strategies from both reading and writing viewpoints, I developed a comprehensive peer review sheet that they will fill out for each of their group members today so they will come in prepared with notes for our Peer Review protocol tomorrow.  This not only works on a number of reading standards, but also continues to work on the shift in speaking and listen standard 1c, where juniors and seniors should be able to propel conversations by posing and responding to probing reasoning and evidence; this sheet models that kind of preparation that they will find useful in tomorrow’s work.

Structured Note-taking: Review of Peer Essays

75 minutes

The students have been in the library for the past couple days putting the finishing touches on a strong draft of their essays (I had them work in the library so I could make sure they all had a draft for tomorrow; similarly, I am having the students do their peer review sheets in class so they are thorough, rather than done on the bus or something).  During that time I put students in groups and had all of the students share their drafts with their peers and me (so I can check in on progress) on Google Drive (we’ve used this in the past in class, so I know they all have an account) and I also shared an electronic copy of the peer review sheet (Final Essay Peer Review Worksheet.docx) so students could type and share with me rather than write it out on paper to eventually hand in (students will hand feedback sheets from their peers in with their final drafts).  Essentially, I’ve provided for every challenge students may have to assure that they all complete their task.  Additionally, I will emphasize that these sheets are not only to help their peers, but also to provide a thorough review of rhetorical appeals and strategies in preparation for the test. 

So, I will go over the topics for peer review in my classroom (the “Two Stars and a Wish” concept is very familiar to them because we’ve used it many times this year) before going to the library so they can complete their peer reviews.  Any left they will bring home and finish for tomorrow.

Next Steps:  Tomorrow students will do a peer review protocol in class.