Fraction Match-Up

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SWBAT identify fractions in a model and written with numbers.

Big Idea

Students should be able to explain why a picture of a fraction represents a quantity.


5 minutes

Yesterday I was looking through some of my old games, and I saw one of my favorite games! It was a match-up game, like memory, and I thought that it might be fun and stretch our brains in math to do it with fractions!


35 minutes

The focus of this lesson is for students to quickly recognize a picture model and a written number to match, and to be able to explain why they match. I think students build a much deeper and long lasting understanding of a concept when they have to explain it in writing or words (MP3).

You are all going to have a bag full of fraction tiles. Some have pictures that represent a fraction and others have the numbers written out. You and your partner will need to turn over 2 tiles at a time, and try to match up as many fractions as you can. The key to it, though, is that you have to write a sentence to explain why those 2 are a match if you want it to count. 


10 minutes

Who would like to share one of their matches with us and what their justification was?

I call on a few students to share their examples so students get exposed to others reasoning and justification. I think it’s important for students to not only have opportunities to share but to hear the reasoning of their classmates and to hear things explained in various ways.